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The pronounced flavors and fragrances of condiments,  a variety of tamarind juices and coconut cream (santan),  selected bulbs, roots, seeds, leaves, stems, flowers and fruits, all lend to the synthesis of the many and interesting tastes  of the Nyonya cuisine.

Understandably, the Penang Nyonya cuisine has a stronger Indian  and Thai influence than those of  Malacca and Singapore.  In any case, no other cuisine is more typical and more renowned in this land.  It’s a potpourri of flavors, ethnically identifiable but superbly blended into an identity of its own – it’s Nyonya and, it’s truly Malaysian!

Some of ah Tuan ee’s recipes, however, are somewhat more unique due to the fact that the matriarch, a Penang Nyonya of both Chinese and Burmese parentage, had inevitably added the Burmese touch into her style of cooking. Her legacy lives on!

Through the years, ah Tuan ee’s friends have grown in numbers and most have remained ‘regulars’ and some are ‘very regulars’ at ah Tuan ee’s Place - including those who have come from far away.  They claim that, at ah Tuan ee’s, the food is “consistently great”! 
That’s a delightful compliment!

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