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In memory of his late mother, Lim Chye Tuan, (ah Tuan ee or auntie ah Tuan), her son, Frankie Cheah started ah Tuan ee’s Place in January 2000.

ah Tuan ee’s Nyonya cuisine includes the typical Penang home-cooked meals which are regularly served, especially on special occasions, like birthdays, Chinese New Year and home-comings of loved ones. Among the unbeatable hot favorites are: Pai Tee, Jeu Hoo Char, Sambal Prawns Petai, Curry Fish Head, Otak-Otak  and Perut Ikan.

Inevitably, the menu has expanded with the addition of some original specialties that have also become very popular. They are: Nyonya Golden Tau Hoo, Yoghurt Curry Chicken,  Pandan Chicken, Sweet Ginger Chicken, Pineapple Fish Fillet, to name a few.
ah Tuan ee’s Place is also famous for her desserts: Gandum,  Pulut Hitam, Sago Pudding, Ais Kacang, and Cendol.

Penang, an island state which lies north-west of Peninsular Malaysia, has long been famous for its food.

The Nyonya and Baba (also known as Peranakan or Straits-born Chinese) culture and tradition originated about five hundred years ago, in Penang, Malacca (in Malaysia) and Singapore, when the Chinese from China began to settle here and adapted to a wide variety of local conditions.

Eventually, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Dutch and even English cultural influences culminated in the distinctive styles in their spoken language, attire and cuisine of the Nyonyas  (Nonya {Indonesian}, married ladies) and Babas (the gentlemen).

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